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County Junior Championship

Cherry Island Golf Course June 13,14

Perfect weather prevailed at Cherry Island golf course near Sacramento.

Eighty six juniors competed over 36 holes Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vanessa Richani of Granite Bay is just 16, plays on Granite Bay High School golf team. Richani prevailed over Neeve Chen by just one stroke.

Bryce Kvick of Carmichael, also plays basketball, is 17 winning over Jackson Masiel by eight strokes.

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BOYS CHAMP Bryce Kvick 136    
GIRLS CHAMP Vanessa Richani 142    
Boys 16-18      
1st Jackson Masiel 144    
2nd `Riley Bell 145    
Girls 15-18      
1st Neeve Chen 143    
2nd Sienna Lyford 147    
Boys 14-15      
1st Justin Hopkins 145    
2nd Dylan McDermott 145    
Girls 12-14      
1st Ellie Bushnell 154    
2nd Sarah Rietz 158    
Boys 12-13      
1st Jackson Koivun 144    
2nd Gregory Lee 145    

Jackson Masiel and Riley Bell
Boys 16-18

Dylan McDermott and Justin Hopkins
Boys 14-15

Jackson Koivun and Gregory Lee
Boys 12-13

2017 ChampionsBryce Kvick and Vanessa Richani

Sienna Lyford and Neeve Chen
Girls 15-18

Ellie Bushnell and Sarah Rietz
Girls 12-14



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